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Texas Instruments TI 84 Plus

Version Française

A good graphic machine! It is running DATE in its biorythm subroutine.

What's in the box Development tools My programs

A very powerful and friendly user calculator. For simple machines, I really prefer Casio than Texas (for example the Casio 2D better than any TI 30), but when talking about graphic calculators, Texas has no competitor in the japanese firm.

The super graphic:
  1. Processor Z80 clocked at 10MHz
  2. 24kb RAM and 480kb of flash memory
  3. Pascal-like programmation, Z80 assembler
  4. USB link to a PC, link between two calculators.
Bad points:
  1. I can't find any...
Development tools:

First the program editor TI Editor. Writing a program is made fast and easy. An icon allows you to tranfert your creation directly to the calculator from within the editor. On the left you can see the whole function list that can be accessed with few clics.
TI Debugger helps you test your program on the PC. You save a lot of battery power avoiding many transferts.
You can add tracing instructions or directly debug at a machine language level, most of all if you write a flash application.
Zilog offers his Z80 assembler ZILOG Developer Studio. The library gives acces to the internal functions of the calculator. Then you can prepare your "mini programs" to be executed by Asm() or, better, write a whole flash application.
TI Connect manages the calculator memory as a peripherial storage. You can up/download programs, data, flash applications and update the OS. The essential tool!

My programs:
Each ZIP archive contains the following files:
The program, directly loadable into the calculator.
Documentation both in french and english.
RACINES Reduction de sommes de termes a.racine de b.
Réduit des termes
contenant des racines
Permet de faire
la somme de
plusieurs termes
DIVISEUR Décomposition d'un entier en facteurs premiers et liste de ses diviseurs.
Donne la
d'un nombre en
facteurs premiers.
Puis la liste
de ses diviseurs
VECTEURS Géométrie analytique.
Travail dans un
repère du plan.
Voici les options
de création
d'un point:
Voici les options
de calcul ou de
TRIANGLE Résolution du triangle (cas particuliers gérés)
A partir de
3 éléments
(on met zéro
pour les inconnues)
Calcul des
côtés et
Donne aussi les
les médianesL'aire et
les rayons.
DATE Travail sur les dates
A partie de deux dates
fournit l'écart
les jours de la semaine
et les signes astrologiques
Donne également
un graphique des
Calcule aussi les
Vendredi 13
d'une année

15 décembre 2007