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Palmax PD 1000

Version Française

A 640x480 touch screen! Smaller than the EeePc, a surprising machine!

Some DOS programs I wrote with executables and sources.

What's in the box The docking station The CD-Rom drive Drivers

Everything I like: small machine, widely open, high technology. I couldn't let it pass by...

What's in the box
  • CPU Cyrix P166, a Pentium nearly-compatible
  • 640x480 touch screen with 65536 colors
  • RAM 32MB
  • Full connectivity (USB, Infra-red, PCMCIA II...)
  • Hard disk 1,6GB
  • Docking station with more connectors
  • CD Rom drive
  • Integrated speaker and microphone
Note about USB: I was able to use a ZIP 250Mo and a MP3/USB key with success.

The Touch Screen

A very good LCD screen, brilliant, precise. You can use the pen (included) or your finger to control the mouse pointer. You can clic, move, drag and drop...

This only works with applications that d'ont modify the screen. If you run a MS-DOS full screen game, you'll have to connect an external mouse to do so...

The docking station

It brings some more connectors:

The CD-Rom drive

The must-have for some CD games or software/system installations.

It plugs in a non-standard connector, so you have tu find the original one. The speed is really good, you can watch MPG1 videos from the CD.

Note: it requieres an external power supply!
Global vue:
  • The computer running TOMB RAIDER 1
  • It is plugged on the docking station
  • The CD-Rom drive runs with the CD game.

The drivers

Here are some drivers for Windows 98:
  • The screen driver
  • The touchscreen driver
  • The PC Card driver
  • The CD ROM driver
I added the drivers for my USB/MP3 and another folder that I didn't test but that can be useful someday..!
Clic here for downloading

15 décembre 2007