MPlayer 4.01

Version Française

A complete user's manual available M_PLAYER.PDF

Discovering M_PLAYER:
Serie of videos showing the mains features of M_PLAYER

How do I make a video with my Atari computers!

Go to this special page about the 68000 version of the player forSTF/STE/Mega MP_STE

Version 4.01 (08/24/2020):
  • Removed supervisor mode, all replay is done in user mode
  • Some bugs fixed
First of all, it plays videos:
  • the most known: Quick Time, AVI, Mpeg1, Mpeg2
  • some a bit older on PC: FLI, FLC, FLH or DL
  • and Atari specific formats Video Master, FLM Lexicor, SEQ Cyber Paint...
  • can run as an accessory or as a standalone program (renamed PRG or ACC)

The oldest should have seen this well known mouse before!

M_Player creating an AVI video with sound.

Disassembling and conversion options (the conversion only runs underTOS for now, to be improved in the future).
It can create a video using a BATCH file:
  • creation of a QuickTime, AVI or FLM lexicor with colors or grey levels.
  • standard RLE compression but also the more efficient MSVC (Microsoft Video Codec).
  • use of a sound file with synchro.
This functionality will benefit from a clearer interface in the future in spite of the existence of EASY_BAT.

It can also disassemble a video with the "SAVE AS..." option:
  • save frames as TGA 16 or 24 bits, compressed or not
  • save the sound
This functionality will also benefit from a clearer interface in the future.

It requieres a 68030 (mini) and a 256 colors display:
  • TT and Falcon with or without a graphic card.
  • machines running Aranym with a 15 bits display mini.
  • clones as the Hades or Milan.

My tool to test the screen. Download it to verify compatibility!

About the system:
  • TOS from the TT one (3.xx and newer)
  • Mint with MultiTOS or recent AES as XaAES, MyAES
  • MagiC or Geneva

M_PLAYER running as an accessory under Aranym with Mint and XaAES
The video shows Coluche, a french comic actor.


To download it, here is M_Player 4.01 and its companion Easy Bat 2
The screen tester TSTSCR.

If you want to taste the new MSVC/CRAM encoder, here are some sample files MSVC.ZIP, you'll see how better MSVC is compared to RLE and you may try to create your own animations starting with those examples.

15 décembre 2007