Color TT

Version Française

A beautiful desktop under plain TOS!

Last change: the menu bar and the font have changed!
Color TT also loads a jingle at start when the desktop appears
(rename a sound as COLOR_TT.SND in the C:\COLOR_TT folder).

For the menu bar I copied a bar from Windows XP (a MyAES style!) and for the font, I just have to rename as COLOR_TT.FNT a bitmap font 8*16 into the folder C:\COLOR_TT to load it at start and replace the system font.

I suppressed the ugly green background when a program runs, here ASSEMBLE with the source code of COLOR_TT and a better background. This works for every application! Unless it provides a personal background (like Calamus SL or Interface).

Here is my desktop with color icons, 3D effects on the windows elements and a background image.

Background selection is made using the normal menu entry! You can select one of the 6 backgrounds using one of the six patterns pointed at by the mouse with white color. Validate, and that's it!

Alert icons also have color, that's just... cosmetic!

You can verify that we are running TOS! This new font has been taken from a TETRIS game, you can see that it also changes the three characters in the window buttons.

Available RAM is close to 65MB among a total of 68MB. Loaded are: Extendos, Cal32k, Speedo Gdos 5 and accessories: M_Player 3.12, Xcontrol, CaTTamaran, Kobold 2.5 and the GEM... and Color TT!

For now, this version only runs with this hardware:

15 décembre 2007