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Version Française

The drum box made by BOSS with MIDI link.

The associated program BOSS_DR5.PRG

The program allows you to transfert data between an Atari and the BOSS DR-5 unit.

  • STATUS: the status and general parameters.
  • SEQUENCE: the patterns & songs you made.
  • CHORDS: the chords you stored.
  • ALL: a complete dump of the memory.
  • BOSS_DR5.PRG: the binary in english for every Atari
  • BOSS_DR5.FOR: Forth source code.
  • BOSS_DR5.TXT: same source but in plain text.
To verify that the link works well, use TEST LINK.

You get the detail of the 34 status bytes.

If the lines EOX and Checksum ar OK, then eveything works and you can read:
  • volume levels
  • MIDI channels
  • the footswitch selection
  • The MIDI Thru (better OFF)

To save data, use the SAVE menu and select what you want to save.

Here an example of saving CHORDS.
  • The program gets the CHORDS
  • 892 bytes are received
  • the program verifies the blocs (here, 4 blocks OK)
  • then you can save this under CHORDS.DR5
The blocks can contain errors, in this case, you have to start again (this appears sometimes on the STE, not on the TT, surely a problem of speed with my program that may not be fast enough).

To send back the data to the drum box (after changing the internal battery for example), use the RESTORE menu.

Clic on what you want to restore and the fileselector opens.

Here and example with the STATUS data.
  • The file is read, only 34 bytes long.
  • The blocks are verified to validate the file.
  • The whole data is sent through the MIDI interface, after each block a "*" is displayed.
  • If eveything went right, you can read that the transfert is Ok.

15 décembre 2007