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The Atari TT running TOS and the CAB Browser V2.5 with Google search.

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The NetUSBee
The NetUSBee card plugs itself in the cartridge port of any Atari. It provides one Ethernet port (RJ45) and two USB.

The driver has be succesfully tested on the TT and Falcon CT060. The speed transfert depends on the computer speed. With a Falcon CT060 there was often something close to 50kB/s whereas only 7kB/s were achieved on the TT. On this last, a little accelerator as the CaTTamaran brings a noticeable speed increase.
Some tests with CAB Browser:
  • On a TT 32MHz, often 5kB/s
  • On a TT 48Mhz, up to 7kB/s
  • On a Falcon CT060 often up to 20Ko/s
There are lots of variations, sometimes 50kB/s, but surfing on my pages, these are the most common values that I get.

You can purchase one on this page

in Poland.

The card on the USB side, the Ethernet is behind.

The Daynaport SCSI

The Daynaport with SCSI ID4, and the terminator ON
Second solution, this module taking place into your SCSI chain. Potentially more powerful than the NetUSBee, it appears to be more delicate to use:
  • For this particular model Daynaport SCSI/Link-3, you need exactly 10Mbps, if your network is in 10/100Mbps, you'll need an old HUB to slow it down as the Daynaport won't be able to do it alone.
  • It requieres a SCSI driver with the SCSIDRV system as well as the bus arbitration.
  • The STING driver uses a software interruption that can interfere with the disk drive... So be careful !

Talking about speed, on a TT 48MHz, it's often 50Ko/s with CAB browser!


You have to download STING 1.26 and your specific driver.

If you're in a hurry, just download my own files in STING.ZIP. Copy them on the root of your hard disk. The two folders NETUSBEE and DAYNPORT contain the specific files for each hardware to complete your installation.

After a reboot, open the Control Panel and look for STING Ports Setup, run it.
Select Adressing and look for
  • Ethernet0 (for the Daynaport)
  • EtherNet (for the NetUSBee)
validate Active et give a static IP address to your computer.
Then select General, choose hardware
  • SCSI/Link (for the Daynaport)
  • NE2000 (for the NetUSBee)
save everything into STING.PRT.

When rerunning the CPX, this box should display the MAC address of your hardware if it is detected.

For the Daynaport, don't forget that your SCSI HD driver must manage the unit. For example, with HDDriver, you have to turn on your unit into the configuration for your hardware to be acessed by the SCSIDRV layer. Last, you must activate the bus arbitration.

TROLL: mail and news

The main window of TROLL, created by Pierre Tonthat and still in development. It can speak English, German, Italian and French of course, as you can see on the screen capture. The last version can be downloaded from this site.

  1. Window with the list of mailboxes and newsgroups.
  2. Window with the titles of the messages in the selected mailbox.
  3. Window with the selected message.

Here are my settings, they can help you setting up your software!
Fist, my incoming mailbox in POP3:

Then, the news server:
Last, the outgoing mail settings:

LITCHI: FTP client

Another multilanguage software by Pierre Tonthat, available from this site, a FTP client, simple and efficient, than can speak French, German and English.

A very simple usage, create a bookmark containing the informations to access a FTP stie. Next, you can see the settings for my WEB page! Then, just open the Distant Files using your bookmark and you can start downloading. If you open your Local Files, you can select one to be sent.

CAB: WEB browser

The lower case letters with accent are not displayed... help please!
The CAB WEB Browser is one of the very first on Atari. Here version V2.5 on a TT. The version V2.7 doesn't work well on the TT, a lot of timeout appear. On the contrary, with a Falcon CT060 and the NetUSBee, it is version V2.7 that runs fine and better than version V2.5.

The only useful setting is the cache address and the cache size in RAM and on the disk.

Many sites can't be displayed as they use JAVA or some other new system... Too bad! On the left side, a search page in Ebay.

I wrote to Alexander Clauss, the author that kindly replied to me in spite of the long years passed since he stopped working on CAB. Unfortunately, the PurePascal sources of CAB are lost...

Since December, 15th, 2007