Atari STE

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The computer running Kronos with its two monitors.

Caracteristics What I do with it

I mostly use it for games. But occasionally, I verify the compatibility of software I write on my Atari TT 030. I have recently added a SuperSatanDisk with a 1GB SD card.

STE caracteristics:
  1. CPU Motorola 68000 at 8 MHz
  2. ROM system GEM
  3. from 512 KB to 4 MB Ram with SIMMS modules
  4. Video modes 320x200x16, 640x200x4 or 640x400xmono, palette 4096 colors
  5. hardscroll in every direction with one pixel resolution
  6. blitter for fast bloc operations with one pixel resolution
  7. DMA port for ACSI peripherials (Hard disks, laser, etc...)
  8. serial 19200 bauds, parallel
  9. mouse and joystick ports, two joypads
  10. MIDI in/out
  11. ROM port for cartridges
What I do with it

Let's start with the desktop

With Color STE you get color icons and windows when running in ST LOW resolution. For now, it only runs on a STE, I lack some informations to make it run on a STF...

Multitasking with GENEVA

Have a look at the GENEVA page, a multitasking system, really powerful on a basic 68000.

The Satan Disk drives

Have a look at this comparison between those two SD card readers

The UltraSatan Disk, the evoluted
This little piece of electronic plugs in the DMA port and acts as a hard disk. It contains a SD memory card. In mine, there is a 1 GB SD card with four partitions: C:, D:, E: et F:. Below the informations on drive C:

The Super Satan Disk, the basic version

Double monitor with a switch

Below the switch that allows you to select between color and monochrom display without having to unplug and plug.

For the high resolution 640x400 monochrom, you can use the Atari monitors SM124 or SM144. But once dead, you can use a VGA monitor with a VGA adapter as the one on the picture.

Cable for the mouse

The mouse port is also used by the second joystick, but the connector under the Atari is really a bad choice. So an extra cable will ease the operation.

The MIDI ports

Of course, you can drive digital instruments. But you can also play with two Ataris connected as in Midi Maze!

You're facing your enemy!!

Bidirectional MIDI link, 31250 bits/s

The serial link

Well, not really speedy... 19200 bits/s. But you can play net games like OXYD, STUNT CAR RACER... You can also transfer files from one computer to another: the disk drives get tired year after year and this serial link remains a reliable solution.

Transfer program: ST Trans.
What about cleaning the connectors?

Viewing videos

Go to this page about the video player and converter MP_STE

The STE version of M_Player is called MP_STE. It replays AVI, MOV, FLI/FLC, GIFs and various Atari formats. It has been optimized for the ST video modes. It can convert PC animations into a FLM files much more efficient on an Atari.

MP_STE running in monochrom an ugly but fast dithering.

Loading a Cinepak AVI file

Replay in ST LOW with 16 grey levels.

Stats: only 12% of frames displayed. Yeah, we only have a STE! If we'd have converted the file into a FLM, stats would have been better!


For this activity, the ST HIGH resolution is much better.

Script: text editor, complete and user friendly. It prints on a Xerox Docuprint P8e laser printer.
Calcomat, the good old spreadsheet.


I could talk about OXYD, OBSSESSION, GRAND PRIX F1, ARKANOID, but I wasn't able to dump the screen with those games running.

Maniac Mansion, one of the adventures from Lucas Arts.

Waltz, a zen breakout game because you don't lose... Unlike the stressing Arkanoïd!

Kronos, the system tester

I could die of shame reading the results on my poor STE. The bar for "your computer" is barely visible.

Screen captures

Screen captures for this page hav been made with a little tool I wrote DUMP_STE. Once installed, each time you type Alt+HELP the screen is saved as a Degas image: The file name is automatically incremented. Default path is "D:\" (my free partition), but you can modify the source. I you can't do it, just ask, I'll do it for you!

15 décembre 2007