Apple //e

Version Française

I had it in 2002.
The Enhanced Apple IIe, with its DuoDisk drive, its mouse, the analog joystick, a cooling system on the left.
It is running the demo program for the graphic card "Le chat Mauve".

What's in the box What I own

I saw it first in a club in the middle 80's. Two hours with it convinced me that it was a great machine. High resolution, floppies, all I wanted! But, I couldn't afford it.

A simple and extensible system:
  1. CPU 65C02, 1MHz
  2. 128K Ram
  3. High an low resolution text
  4. Hig and low resolution graphics
  5. Green or color monitor
  6. 7 expansion slots
  7. many cards for the slots
  8. a huge panel of software
What I own:

CFFA: CompactFlash reader

This is an IDE interface for a hard drive or a CompactFlash. Here, a 64Mb one parted in two 32Mb units running the PRODOS system. It boots in one second! Plugging the card into a PC, with CiderPress, allows you to manage your files: copy, delete, backup and to up/download files from the Internet.

Porte Parole speech card

It gives speech to your Apple. Turning a french sentence into a binary file is very easy. Then you just load it and your Basic programs talk!
Listen to the sentence.
(It means: I'm a talking computer)
Ask for an access to my Cloud to get
the full documentation for Porte Parole

The graphic Card Le Chat Mauve

The graphic card Le Chat Mauve is a 64 Kb memory expansion, so you get a total of 128 Kb, and a graphic card with a scart output that offers you extended graphic modes:
  1. 140x192, 16 colors point by point
  2. 280x192, 4 colors point by point, 2 palettes
  3. 280x192, 16 colors by 7 points
  4. 560x192, monochrom
  5. text mode 40x25, 16 colors

On the right, I wrote a program FONCTIONS to work on 7 simultaneous functions each one its color, their differentials, integrals, intersection of two functions, equations, tangents (ChatMauve + Mouse + Speech programming example)!

The Graphic Tablet

The graphic tablet is a funny input device. I wrote the program PAINT to use it with the card Chat Mauve in 16 colors or in monochrom (ChatMauve + GraphicsTablet programming example!).


Programming the Apple is a real pleasure.
  • The Applesoft BASIC so easely to redefine, easy to extend.
  • The KYAN PASCAL (on the right) is a complete mini unix system with a full page editor, compiler, inclusion of assembler routines.
  • The Merlin Assembleur is as easy to use.

  • Games

    The same pleasure after some years to discover again the old games:
    1. The PACMAN (on the left)
    3. SuperCopter
    4. And so many others!...

    My Tool RAWC

    Allows you to copy a volume volume to another even if they have different physical properties. The example below shows that:
    1. The source disk has 35 tracks with 15 sectors
    2. The destination DosMaster volume has 40 tracks with 16 sectors.
    3. I chose to copy only 35 tracks with 15 sectors so the Dosmaster volume will be the exact copy of the floppy.
    4. But then, it'll be limited to 35 tracks/15 sectors. If we want to get back the hidden zones we can run the program again and just modify the VTOC to set again 40 tracks and 16 sectors.


    This tool, still in development, allows you to access DOSMASTER volumes from PRODOS. I started with the help of Willi Kusche that wrote a version with Kyan Pascal. This one is in AppleSoft BASIC.

    Edit lines 100 and 110:
    1. line 100 DO$="...." put here the full pathname to your DOSMASTER file (DOS.3.3)
    2. line 110 here put the SLOT value and the DRIVE value in wich are located your DOSMASTER volumes.
    Then just run the program! It gives you general informations:
    1. number of volumes
    2. their size in tracks and sectors
    3. position and size within the PRODOS partition
    If those informations are consistent, then ACCEPT to work on that drive and you're driven to the following menu:
    I will add then some volume functions (backup, restore, copy).

    15 décembre 2007